Customer Service Checklist

July 01, 2015

As a valued client of Oldfather Financial, it’s important to us that we are meeting, better yet exceeding your expectations for service. To provide you with exceptional service we want to ensure that you have ease of access to both your account information and money, receive a timely response from us regarding your account inquiries, and ask for up-to-date information to provide you with better financial analysis. Therefore, to address these areas and to help us better serve you, please go through our Customer Service Checklist to ensure we have everything set-up to your preferences.

We look forward to touching base with you on these checklist items at your Fall Client Meeting

Customer Service Checklist

◉ OFS Portal - Through our online portal you have access to:

  • Account Balances
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Asset Allocation
  • OFS Document Vault – 1099 Reports, Custodial Statements, Tax Returns, Legal & Important Documents

◉ Schwab Alliance (Schwab Portal) - Through Schwab’s portal you have access to:

  • Update Paperless Preferences (e-statements, digital tax forms, etc.)
    • Or if you prefer mail, do we have your correct mailing address?
  • Electronically sign account applications and account updates/changes (no physical signature required)
  • More in-depth breakdown of Accounts and Positions
  • Charles Schwab Custodial Statements, 1099 Reports, etc.

◉ Money Movement– Schwab accounts can be set-up for incoming/outgoing transfers

  • Moneylink – ACH transfers set-up between Schwab and your bank account
  • Journal Transfers – Internal set-up to transfer between Schwab accounts

◉ Client Texting - Through our client texting service, we can communicate regarding:

  • Money Movement transfers
  • Account transactions, updates, or inquiries
  • To enroll, send a text message to (308) 244-5996 and we will text you an invitation for you to opt-in to that service. 

◉ OFS Email

  • – Client Only Email address. Submit any tasks like change of address, general questions, or transfer of funds. Inbox is monitored by everyone at Oldfather.
  • – Friends, Family, and other inquiries Email address. Please feel free to give to anyone who would like more information about our firm.

◉ To provide you with thorough financial analysis, do we have up-to-date information regarding…

  • Social Security and Pension Payments
  • Your most recent Tax Return
  • Large Income Changes
  • Updated Family Situation (Correct Beneficiaries)
  • New Financial Goals or Intentions