A website designed to START HERE

A website designed to START HERE

July 06, 2020

For the last few years, our website was pretty much like every other financial advisor or broker out there.  Just search “Any Financial Advisor Website” and you will see pretty pictures of a sunset or smart looking people gathered around a table looking at a piece of paper.   Pretty, but really what is the point.

Now our site was a little different in that it had pictures mainly of wildlife (Sandhill cranes, eagles, and even prairie chickens) that my father has taken over the years.  (To see his wildlife pictures follow him now on Instagram-donbrockmeier4).  We tried to keep the site updated with the seasons from cranes flying in the spring to snow in the winter.  The other emphasis was an overload of information.  We had calculators for retirement, insurance, and savings.  There were videos for bucket lists and how to skip your latte to save for retirement.  There were a lot of pages, but the same info can be found all over the internet.

I heard a great quote by someone that said  “Google can provide you all the knowledge that you need, but it cannot give you the wisdom on how to use it.”  I felt like our old website had a lot of knowledge, but we are in the business to provide wisdom to our clients. So, a new “wisdom focused” website was needed.

We have slimmed down the information and removed most of our bloated resource pages.  Our focus now is to give people that want to work with us a clear path.  We had to draw attention first on being a Fiduciary Advisor (Definition:  we are legally obligated to act in your best interest.)  Every article that you read says to ask your advisor “Are you always a fiduciary?”  Since there are still way more brokers than fiduciary advisors, we will keep being proud that we must look out for the well-being of our clients.

We had to keep our Journal section because that is full of wisdom.  Most of the posts come from questions or observations during our interactions with clients.  We did keep the Our Team picture because everyone likes to put a face with a voice or an email.  We also provided the values our clients get from working with us.  A lot of times it isn’t about the investment return on the portfolio.

Finally, people search for an advisor’s website with financial questions.  We want to start the wisdom process by showing the typical questions that we get asked and the clients we usually work with.  We then show how a plan using investment management and financial planning will be implemented to help achieve our client’s goal.    We end with a request for a straightforward 15 minute phone call to see if there would be a good fit to work together. 

If you think this fits the type of fiduciary advisor you want to work with check out our site and select…..START HERE