About Us

Oldfather Financial Services is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in fee-only investment management and personal financial counseling.

We believe in true separate account management. This means that our client's accounts will be managed separately from those of every other client. We formulate a custom portfolio designed for your needs and manage it especially for you. High net worth individuals have long been able to hire professional consultants and money managers to cater to their unique needs. We are making this service available to a wider audience.

The weakness of many other advisors that offer fee based investment management services is that they may lump your account in with their other clients. They may give you the impression that you are special and that your account is managed specifically for you. But the reality is that the investments in your account may be in a "wrap account", or part of a large omnibus account or just traded like everyone else's account. All of the advisor's client's money may be aggregated together and traded and moved around in different investments together by someone who doesn't even know your name. When you see your statement you are seeing your percentage of each of the investments. Almost always the advisor even farms out the management duties for your account to someone else. Your money is put together with thousands or even tens of thousands of other investors and the advisor is really just a middleman. All of the layers of people who need to get paid in these arrangements are why these types of accounts usually have very high expenses.

We manage your accounts separately from anyone else's account because your situation is unique and deserves individual attention. Clients may impose restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities.

Personal financial counseling is a highly personalized service aimed at the individual needs of clients. We use questionnaires and interviews to determine the appropriate advice that is tailored to each client.