Oldfather Financial Services, LLC makes advisory services available to a wide variety of clients including, but not limited to, individuals, IRA's, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, foundations, endowments, charitable organizations, corporations and other business entities.

Our typical client has significant financial assets or a lump sum of money that needs management. They trust us to recommend and carry out a plan for their individual portfolio that takes into consideration their individual risk, tax, retirement and estate situation.

Our typical client is a retiree, entrepreneur, executive or professional and has limited time or resources to devote to managing their money. They feel that hiring an unbiased professional to manage and coordinate their investments is preferable to doing it on their own or looking over a brokers shoulder all the time.

Our typical client has several related accounts with our company consisting of personal accounts, IRA's, trusts and retirement plans. Our typical client knows that markets are uncertain and they tend to prefer less risk to maximum risk.